Virtual Tours

Explore the interior of St Mary’s in six 360 degree virtual ‘tours’ of the church:

Tour from the Font  On this tour view the West end of the church, including the main entrance on the North side.  This area was refurbished in 2010.  On the south wall, notice the historical listing of former rectors (priests) of St Mary’s.

Tour from the Nave  On this tour view the church nave, a name which derives from the Latin word meaning ship.  The ship was an early symbol for the Christian church.  Notice the 18th Century candelabra, topped with an eagle and child, a symbol taken from the emblem of the Earl of Derby who made this gift to the church.

Tour from the Chancel screen  On this tour view the oak chancel screen and pulpit, dating from the late 19th century, designed by Lancaster architects Paley & Austin.  Notice the panelled 16th century timber ceiling.  The roof bosses feature decorative carvings including flowers, fruit, foliage and stars.

Tour from the Wilton Chapel   On this tour view the Wilton Chapel – originally a medieval chantry chapel where prayers were said for the dead and later the family chapel for the Earl of Wilton, from Heaton Hall.  Notice the medieval aumbry, used for the storage of sacred vessels, carved into a pillar.

Tour from the Lady Chapel  On this tour view the Lady Chapel (Lady refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary).  During the 17th century the family chapel for the Levers of Alkrington Hall in Middleton was located in this area of the church.  Notice the brasses referring to members of the Lever family displayed on the wall.

Tour from the Sanctuary  On this tour view the sanctuary and chancel which date from the late 19th century. The canopied wooden choir stalls are 19thcentury and the marble flooring was installed in 1910.  Notice the stained glass window behind the altar which depicts Christ’s crucifixion.